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Your Old Smartphone Could Be Worth Hundreds

Many people hold onto their old smartphones once they qualify for an upgrade. Some may have thoughts of making a few bucks on the old phone, but when faced with the prospects of finding a buyer and actually securing the money, not many pursue this option. Instead, phones often end up in desk drawers where they’ll inevitably collect dust.

This may change, however, now that has paired with eBay to determine just how much some of the most popular smartphones are going for on the auction website. A phone that you thought might have only garnered you a few dollars may, in fact, net you more than $200 if you’re holding onto a BlackBerry Bold 9000 or $360 if you own an old HTC EVO.

TNW determined these figures by reviewing eBay’s smartphone sales between September and December of 2010. If you own an iPhone, one of eBay’s hottest smartphones, you could garner around $215 for an iPhone 3G or $667, which was the average selling price of an iPhone 4.

Kind of makes you think twice about throwing your phone in that old desk drawer, doesn’t it?

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