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XBox’s Motion Controlled Project Natal to Premiere in June

The era of clunky video game controllers is drawing to a close. Those of us who lack the time or necessary muscle memory to operate controllers with dozens of buttons will soon be able to truly experience the joy of playing video games. Microsoft is set to debut their much-anticipated Project Natal on June 13th E3, the annual video game conference.

For those unfamiliar, Project Natal is Microsoft’s first foray into the world of motion controlled video games. Like Nintendo’s Wii before it, Project Natal is designed to allow players to control their XBox games with their own gestures. Unlike the Wii, users will be completely hands free when using the Project Natal. The system uses a full-body sensor which tracks users movements. This may be especially beneficial to seniors who may have a hard time gripping and waving the Wii remote around during game play. Possibilities will include action games, virtual painting, and so much more.

Many expect the premiere on June 13th to be Project Natal in its close-to-final version. Previously, the public had been teased with video demos and light beta versions of the technology. With this announcement, Microsoft has the video game world waiting with baited breath.

Early reports claim that Project Natal will be ready to be released in stores prior to the 2010 holiday season costing around $75 when sold separately. If this is this case, expect Project Natal to skyrocket to the top of children and grandchildren’s wish lists.

Project Natal ‘experience’ to premiere at E3 – (CNet)

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