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Word Lens iPhone App Magically Translates English & Spanish

Example of Word Lens' augmented reality capabilities

A new iPhone app called Word Lens can instantly translate Spanish text into English (or vice versa) by holding the phone’s camera up to the text. The image of the sign, book or paper you’re reading will appear on screen, but with English text in its place!

This new technology will be particularly useful for seniors who are active travelers, or who have pen pals in other countries. Understanding Spanish signs or menu items will now be a thing of the past, as Word Lens will instantly translate the text for you. There are plenty of opportunities to use Word Lens stateside as well, since Spanish is one of the most common languages in the United States.

Another perk of Word Lens is that it doesn’t need an Internet connection to work. Therefore, it will still function even if you’re traveling in a sparsely populated area. Currently, Word Lens can only translate from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Keep your fingers crossed that this app adds other languages as it becomes more popular. Word Lens costs $4.99, and is available through the App Store.

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