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Windows Tablet Due Soon

A day after we find out that Motorola/Android are preparing their own tablet to complete with the iPad, Microsoft reveals that they are currently working on their own Windows-based tablet.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t go ahead and reveal any specifications for the tablet, senior-specific or otherwise. We do know this though: it will come with an actual keyboard and a touch screen option as well. For seniors who aren’t all that comfortable with the iPad’s touchscreen, this might be a nice alternative. Additionally, the Microsoft tablet will feature a Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office functionality.

For aging adults who own and prefer Microsoft computers, it is nice to know that this tried and true operating system, with its straightforward interface, will be available as a tablet. Likewise, syncing up a tablet with your your desktop/laptop will be easier if you are already in the Windows camp.

While there isn’t a set date for the Windows tablet, Ballmer is well aware that his company has to deliver sooner rather than later: “They will be shipping as soon as they are ready. It has job one urgency around here, nobody’s sleeping at this point…..we are working with those partners, not just to deliver something, but to deliver products that people really want to go buy.”

Ballmer says Microsoft at work to rival iPad – (CNET)

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