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What Makes Blender Controls Elder Friendly?

Blenders are not like most appliances where their controls have changed significantly over time. Sure, their technologies and parts may have improved, but the controls have generally stayed the same, consisting of an on-off control and a set of controls to regulate blade speed. In fact, the on/off button has been eliminated from some blenders because the blender engages when a certain speed or function button is pushed and stops when the button is pushed a second time.

During our task analysis, we determined that the following characteristics and features are key when choosing a blender.

1. Minimal controls to master
2. Each button, dial and switch should be large and easy to see
3. Buttons (et al.) should be easy to feel and manipulate
4. Buttons should be well spaced and pushable
5. All controls should be easy to clean because spillage is common when blending

Note: Unfortunately, someone must have decided that all blenders must have incredibly small writing because we couldn’t find one that was easy to read – so be warned.

Check out our blender review to find out which blenders are the most elder friendly.

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