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Websites are Now 20 Years Old

If websites were grandkids, you’d be writing belated birthday cards filled with questions about college life, study habits and sleeping patterns right about now. That’s because the first website turned 20 on Aug. 6.

The debut website was actually named the “WWW project.” Its web address was By visiting the WWW project, visitors could learn how to create their own websites, the best strategies for searching the web and how to utilize hypertext.

The only problem with this website was that, being the first of its kind, the only people who had access to web browsers were…the site’s creators. It’s kinda like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell – when you’re the first to invent something you’re also the only ones with the tools to use it. Chances are, if either of their phones rang back in the day, it was the other one calling. I mean, who else would have had phone numbers?

In any case, we’re glad the World Wide Web (and the telephone) survived. We can’t imagine our lives without it. So Happy Birthday, WWW!


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