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Wave Your Phone, Pay for Your Starbucks

Starbucks announced today that customers can now pay for their coffee by showing their smartphones. Blackberry and iPhone owners can download an app that can be linked to their Starbucks Card accounts via a barcode. Once the coffee’s ordered, patrons need only access the app, which will pull up the barcode to be scanned by the barista.

This app came at just the right time for Starbucks. Its “brand loyalty chief” recently noted that one in five Starbucks purchases is made with a Starbucks Card. The company initially launched the mobile payment system a year ago, beginning with 1,000 Starbucks located within Target stores. The pilot program was successful, and eventually expanded to free-standing Starbucks on both coasts.

Starbucks Cards must still be purchased from physical locations, but the app will allow iPhone and Blackberry users to check their balances, load money onto the card and review past transactions. Android users, don’t fret, Starbucks is hard at work developing an app for your operating system!

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