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USA Today: Cellphone Radiation Levels Vary Widely


On Aug. 22, ElderGadget brought you the article Is Cellphone Radiation Dangerous for Seniors? Well, it seems that this issue isn’t just on our minds. Last night Leslie Cauley, of USA Today, posted the piece Cellphone radiation levels vary widely in the newspaper’s online money section.

Among the many interesting things the article presents is a chart that notes which 10 cellphones have the highest radiation levels and which 10 have the lowest. The Samsung Impression SGH-a877 was listed as the phone with the lowest radiation levels, while the BlackBerry Bold 9000 as the phone with the highest levels.

The article also makes mention of the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit environmental and public health group that, according to Cauley, “wants the government to take a ‘fresh look’ at radiation standards.” Should this happen, ElderGadget will be both happy and eager to provide you with its findings.

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