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Treehouse: The Single Tree Option

For the beginner or casual builder, it’s usually best to start your treehouse experience with construction in a single tree. There are various single tree styles, from the elementary to the quite sophisticated, but the more you know about the variations the easier it will be for you to decide what type of treetop getaway you should construct.

The most obvious style of house design surrounds the tree’s trunk. The tree should be a durable, live tree with thick branches and, preferably, the makings of a platform within a safe distance of the ground. You can get a great feeling of treetop adventure even when you are only a few feet high. The tree itself should be at least one foot in diameter at the base.


Treehouse View

After choosing a tree, the most essential step is to create a strong, level platform for your treehouse. The most common system for a safe platform support is to use “spokes” that radiate outward from the trunk. The spokes themselves can be supported either with knee braces underneath or from cables or braces above.

""  "Dan Wright"

Getting Started/photo:Dan Wright

Tension braces work in a similar manner to upside down knee braces with the treehouse suspended underneath. While there are disadvantages to building around a single trunk, there are still enormous possibilities. A creative carpenter can find freedom in the restrictions. The only real limitation is the imagination

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