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Toshiba Unveils Latest, Greatest Technologies

Toshiba's tablet, which has yet to be named.

Of all the booths we visited on Day 2 of CES, one stood apart from the pack. That was Toshiba, and we’ll give you three reasons why.

First, there’s the glasses-free 3D TV. We saw this technology debut (from a different company) last year at CES. While it was neat to see that 3D images could be achieved without the use of glasses, the picture had a long way to go. Toshiba’s 56- and 65-inch screens are much crisper and easier on the eyes than others we’ve seen. Toshiba’s models are currently only available in Japan, though the company hopes to bring them to the U.S. by the end of 2011. Right now, that would make them the first major TV manufacturer to make glasses-free 3D TVs available to American consumers.

The next gadget Toshiba wowed us with also involved glasses-free 3D technology. It’s a 3D laptop that actually tracks your focal point. This ensures that the 3D picture quality remains sound regardless of where you’re looking on the screen. By consistently recognizing one’s gaze, the laptop can effectively eliminate dead space, which happens sometimes when you’re looking at a 3D image at an angle. If you’re curious about how it works you can always pull up the laptop’s camera perspective on the screen. You can see that it’s tracking your face, has located your eyes and will move with your movements. This type of laptop would be great for video games, watching movies, or sharing pictures or videos with friends.

Departing from 3D, Toshiba has also created a virtual modern-day Clapper. It’s a TV that, when hooked to the appropriate box, does not require a remote. Instead, you clap twice, wait for a blue light to come on and say a command, such as “Channel 25” or “Volume Up.” This TV system can change the channel, adjust volume, pull up programming information or utilize HDMI functions. Naturally, many more features could be built into this remote-less TV system, but Toshiba’s off to a good start.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Toshiba is also working on a tablet, which will run on Android’s Honeycomb operating system. Toshiba sources say the tablet is due out anytime, and that it is simply waiting for Google to formally introduce Honeycomb before premiering the tablet. Featurewise, the as-yet-unnamed tablet sports a screen that’s just slightly larger than the iPad’s, as well as two cameras. The front-facing camera, which can be used for video conferencing, is two megapixels, while the back-facing camera is five megapixels. Our Toshiba rep was also quick to point out that this new tablet has Flash.


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