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Top Ten Cool Holiday Gifts Under $10 for 2011

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If you need a stocking-stuffer, a $10 (or less) gift to take to a holiday gift exchange, or just something else fun to give as a gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, we’ve come up with a list of inexpensive goodies and gadgets for anyone on your list. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Kikkerland USB Hubman

Who can’t use a few more USB ports? Why get someone a BORING USB hub when you can get them something that’s small, easy-to-carry anywhere, and just plain fun? $3.50

For more information or to purchase a Kikkerland USB Hubman,  visit



2. 2-button Ergonomic USB 800 DPI Optical Finger Mouse

This is a great option for people who either have trouble with mice or want to switch up what they’re using as a pointing device for the computer. It straps to a finger and lets you use any surface and just your wrist and finger movements to move around on your computer. And for four bucks, why not get it for someone as a spare mouse? $3.98

For more information or to purchase a 2-button Optical Finger Mouse, visit


3. Mini Stealth TV Television Remote

This tiny remote that fits on your keychain can control more than 500 different brands of television. Though they bill it as a way to play pranks on friends by controlling their televisions, it certainly also works well as a remote for anyone who constantly loses their remote. $2.95


For more information or to purchase a Mini Stealth TV Television Remote, visit


4. Complete Tool Screw Driver Torx Kit to Repair Apple iPhone, iPod, etc.

If you’ve ever cracked the screen on your phone, needed to replace the battery in your iPod, etc. and are handy enough to want to get inside your delicate electronics to fix what is wrong (and warranty isn’t a concern), this tool kit has everything you need, from Torx drivers to plastic plying tools and a suction cup to help pull things apart without scratching them. Under two bucks, too. $1.45

For more information or to purchase a Complete Tool Screw Driver Torx Kit, visit



5. Belkin Conserve Socket Energy-Saving Outlet

This socket is both an easy on-off switch and a programmable timer so you can run your space heater, curling iron, coffee maker, etc. for a specified amount of time (30 minutes, 3 hours, 6 hours). It handles up to 1800 watts, so almost any single device that can be plugged into a wall socket. Never forget again whether you unplugged the iron! $9.99

For more information or to purchase a Belkin Conserve Socket Energy Saving Outlet, visit



6. 5 mw 532 nm Powerful Astronomy Green Laser Pointer

This powerful green laser pointer can help you point out objects in the night sky, with an easy-to-see green beam. The range is 12000 feet. It runs on two AAA batteries. Great for star gazers or any presentation needing a clear laser pointer. $6.35

For more information or to purchase a Green Laser Pointer, visit



7. Sunpak 620-786 Mini-Spider Tripod

Even a tiny tripod can be a huge help sometimes. If you’re buying gifts for a photographer, this little, flexible tabletop tripod will make life easier. In tricky situations, it can handle self-portraits, long exposures, etc. You can even use it against a wall to help steady a shot. The adjustable, flexible legs adapt to any surface. $2.49


For more information or to purchase a Sunpak Mini-Spider Tripod, visit


8. Hexbug Nano

If there are kids on your list (of any age), most will love playing with the Hexbug Nano. They’re little robotic bugs that scurry around and bump into things, learning to adapt to their environment. They’re electronic, not real bugs, so there’s nothing to be afraid of and nothing to clean up. They won’t multiply on their own, they’re just fun. $9.99

For more information or to purchase a Hexbug Nano, visit


9. Tao 2009 80010-red Digital Photo Key Chain


Everybody likes to carry photos with them. This is possibly the cheapest digital photo frame we’ve ever seen. It has a rechargeable battery and built-in USB port and onboard memory that holds photos. $9.99


For more information or to purchase a Tao Digital Photo Key Chain, visit


10.  Magnetic Aquarium Sculpture Block

There’s nothing practical here, it’s just pretty. It can be a great thing to do just to relieve some pressure. Make your own aquarium without the messy upkeep.


For more information or to purchase a Magnetic Aquarium Sculpture Block, visit


Happy Holidays from us here at ElderGadget!


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