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Top Accessibility Features on iPad 2

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The first iPad came equipped with some convenient accessibility features, and the iPad 2 doesn’t disappoint. It has a few features that came standard on the first, such as VoiceOver screen reader and an extreme zoom. These features have become more sophisticated, however, enabling them to reach even more people.

VoiceOver has an adjustable speaking rate, which can slow the audio down or speed it up depending on the user’s preference. Any other audio that may be playing in the background will also automatically lower when VoiceOver is engaged.

The zoom has additionally been improved. You can now zoom up to 500 percent, which will appeal to many seniors with poor or failing eyesight. The iPad 2 also has Speak Auto-text, which will say what you’re typing.

Thanks to the intelligent keyboard with predictive text, autocorrect and autocapitalization, a lot of the work is taken out of typing. Speak Auto-text lets you know what corrections it’s making, and you can choose to accept those changes by pressing the spacebar or you can keep typing your intended word to override Auto-text’s suggestion.

The iPad 2 also boasts minimal buttons, making them easy to memorize, locate and use. You can activate audio alerts that will let you know when mail is received or sent, or when a calendar event has arrived.

Those who are extremely hard of hearing can utilize the iPad 2 FaceTime feature to video chat with others where hand gestures, visual cues or dry erase boards may assist in the conversation. Closed captioning and subtitling are also available on movies purchased from the iTunes Store.

Seniors who have experienced hearing loss in one ear can utilize the mono audio feature, which allows users to hear the left and right channels’ audio in both ears.

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One Response to Top Accessibility Features on iPad 2

  1. Daryl September 10, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    I just discovered that Apple is now preventing iPad 2 users from downgrading from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3. Obviously, Apple is trying to prevent people from jailbreaking their iPad 2. The one thing Apple is forgetting; without the ability to downgrade the device to 4.3.3 so a user can choose to jailbreak (perfectly legal to do so) the user cannot use Facetime over 3G connection. The user is limited to only using Facetime over WiFi. This is very limiting because it prevents a Deaf or Hard of Hearing user from making a phone call to other Facetime users and in some cases to a hearing person through video relay.

    Historically, a user was able to control the version of iOS installed on the device. Apple is now acting with impunity and all out monopolistic actions that are having detrimental effects on Deaf users.

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