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Top 5 Ways to Interact with Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day when we’re supposed to profess our love for significant others. If we’re being honest though, Valentine’s Day culture dictates that this holidays is about more than just non-platonic love. It’s about acknowledging everyone in your life whom you love, like or can stand for more than five minutes. Why else would the stores sell Valentines in packs of 12?

If you’re a grandparent, chances are you have a few little (or not so little) ones who you’d like to exchange “I love yous” with today. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet put a Valentine’s Day card in the mail, however. Because ElderGadget’s thought of a few other ways you can say those three magical words before the day’s over.

5. Skype

Parents and grandparents the world over laud the convenience and joy that Skype creates. It’s an ideal platform if you’ve got a grandchild in college or an adult child away on business. Plus, this video conferencing tool can be used on virtually any electronic that has a front-facing camera. This includes smartphones, tablets, desktop computers (which use webcams) and laptops.

4. Voice Notes

We realize that you may not get to talk to your loved ones in person if there’s quite a bit of physical distance between you two. If you’re separated by eight hours or more, a voice note could be the best way to express your Valentine’s Day feelings. Yes, it’s a lot like a voicemail, but you can get creative by singing a song or sharing a story without worrying that you’ll be cut off after a minute or two. Many of the voice note programs also let you send these memos through email, which tends to get checked more often than voicemails.

3. Art, Painting and Drawing Apps

So maybe you didn’t have time to put a physical V-Day card in the mail, but that doesn’t mean your loved ones can’t receive a Valentine from you. There are dozens of drawing, painting and general art apps that can create sincere, homemade Valentines. The great thing is that you can make your Valentine as basic or complex as you like. For the non-artistic types, you can simply trace the words “I love you” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the screen with your finger or stylus before emailing it off. Some programs even let you integrate sound effects, photos or animation into your artwork, making your Valentine’s Day possibilities endless!

2. Online Charities

There are a number of trusted sites that can help you donate to worthy causes. This Valentine’s Day, why not make an online donation to one of your children’s or grandchildren’s favorite charities as a gift? lists 1.5 million charities to choose from. A $10 donation in a loved one’s name is a great way to show your love, affection and gratitude to the people in your life. Plus, it’s cheaper than most high-quality boxes of candy, lasts longer than flowers and doesn’t require additional shipping and handling costs.

1. Face to Face

Not everyone has the luxury of living close to family and friends. However, if you do – and you’re physically able to make the effort – think about setting aside some time this afternoon to stop by and say hi. Even if your loved ones have plans for the night, think of how touched they’ll be to come home and find a hand-written letter from you on their front door or in their mailbox.

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