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Top 5 Televisions for Seniors

Top 5TVs for Seniors 2015 Christmas Hanukkah Holidays gifts

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If you’re thinking about buying a new TV for yourself or for a gift for a Senior, here are five great televisions to consider.

Top 5TVs for Seniors 2015 Christmas Hanukkah Holidays gifts


If you’re thinking about buying a 4K television, you may want to hold off. The 4k delivery standards are just coming in to play, and there’s a new HDR (high dynamic range) technology, as well. The latter may mean that most of the movies, etc. will need to be remastered for it, and that means televisions will have to be redesigned to handle the content. High dynamic range means the contrast range, instead of being compressed to just a few levels, will be closer to matching what our eyes can see. It also means that things like sports will need to be shot with cameras redesigned to deliver that amount of light and color information. All that is being worked out right now, which might mean that you wait a year or so to buy a 4k TV, buying a good 1080p HD television instead and saving a lot of money.

That said, here are our picks for great televisions in a variety of sizes and price ranges.


Vizio D55u-D1 UHD TV for seniors gifts holidays ideas best television

VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV 

Visio has a great 55″ UHD (4k) TV that upscales 1080 footage using a 6-core processor (Quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU) for fast performance. We like Visio because it’s now become a trusted brand with true innovation, and this set is no different. It has up to 802.11ac (the fastest current Wi-Fi standard), it’s a smart TV with built-in apps for streaming, and more. It’s actually a very reasonably priced TV for the size, resolution and features, at around $800 from Amazon.

Samsung UN48J6200 - 48-Inch Full HD 1080p 120hz Smart LED HDTV

Samsung UN48J6200 – 48-Inch Full HD 1080p 120hz Smart LED HDTV

Samsung’s 48″ 1080p smart TV is another great option. It’s a smart TV with connectivity to most major streaming services, a big, beautiful picture, and more. It has a 120 hz refresh rate for smoother motion and Samsung’s well-known technology for a clean picture in full HD.


It’s $597 on Amazon, but for $2 more you can have a great starter bundle that includes a flat and tilt wall mount kit, a 6-outlet power strip, HDMI cables and a screen cleaning kit.

Sony KDL32R300C 32-Inch 720p LED TV for seniors holiday gift ideas

Sony KDL32R300C 32-Inch 720p LED TV

Sony has a great small TV at a great price. Perfect for bedrooms, small/spare rooms, etc. At 32″, 720p resolution is plenty. It has 2 HDMI ports and one USB, might even be good as a spare computer monitor. It features a 60 hz refresh rate with some motion with their Motionflow XR120 technology to reduce motion artifacts and ghosting. It isn’t a smart TV, so you’ll need to either plug it into your cable/satellite or use a streaming device like Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick, etc. to stream shows, movies, and music. 

It’s on Amazon for $198.

LG 55UF8500 55″ Smart LED UltraHD 4K 3D with Color Prime and WEBos 2.0

LG has a solid offering if you’re itching to go UHD. The 55″ TV features smart features for streaming all your favorite services, can play back in 3D or 2D in 4K, will scale your 1080 content up to UHD. WEBos 2.0 speeds up everything on the TV, from reducing power on/boot time by over half to making all the smart TV features more responsive. It’s a great set with a very clear, contrasty picture with up to a 120 hz refresh rate. Available on Amazon.

Samsung UN65JS9000 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV best TVs for seniors
Samsung UN65JS9000 Curved 65-Inch 2160p 3D 4K SUHD LED TV

If your budget isn’t limited and you don’t like being an early adopter, this big TV from Samsung pulls out all the stops in the 65″ class. It upscales HD content to UHD (4k) and can do it in 3D. This is one of the first TVs with a higher dynamic range for a more cinematic look to the picture. The curved screen isn’t especially wall-mount friendly, but it does cut glare significantly and make for better contrast overall and a sharper picture, because your eyes are equidistant from the edges and center. It’s the same reason why movie theater screens are curved.

It’s a smart TV that’s especially compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones.

It is available on $2998 on Amazon.

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