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Top 25 Things ElderGadget is Thankful For

When life comes at us it can sometimes be difficult to remember what we’re thankful for. Even if that list doesn’t include perfect health, it probably does include a bevy of other things and people that have added depth and brightness to your long life.

No matter where you are or who you’re with on this Thanksgiving, take a moment out of your day to recognize all that you do have. Remember, eyesight and hearing come and go, even memory can fade with age, but no one can take away the legacy of love or the foundation of support that’s been built for you and that you’ve built for others.

Below is a list of the top 25 things ElderGadget is thankful for:

1.  The Roll-N-Glow…because the holidays aren’t the same without a fireplace, even if that fireplace contains a fireless flame.

2.  Great Grips…because even the strongest guys have trouble with pickle jars now and then.

3.  Facebook…because Lord knows grandkids won’t voluntarily provide updates on their lives.

4.  Affordable analog watches…because time, style and budgets don’t end when retirement starts.

5.  The Cherry Pitter…because no one wants to say their road to dentures was paved with cherry pits.

6.  The Kindle…because James Patterson has gotten too heavy for your purse.

7.  Wireless doorbells…because seniors hate lukewarm pizza just as much as teenagers do.

8.  Pop Art Toasters…because why shouldn’t our left-over turkey sandwich have a snowflake burned into it?

9.  The uBot-5…because it may be your doctor someday.

10.  The Clapper…because, really, who wants to get up to flick a switch when you can stay where you are and clap your hands?

11.  The Jumbo System Talking Monthly Pill Reminder & Organizer…because taking Tuesday’s pills on Wednesday isn’t nearly as spontaneous and fun as one might think.

12.  Brain games…because the original version of Rock, Paper, Scissors was a bit tired and unengaging.

13.  The mind-controlled wheelchair…because we just knew we’d see mind control put to good use in our lifetimes.

14.  Lightweight vacuums…because dirt loves to travel to the highest, smallest places it can find.

15.  Antique popcorn makers…and movies…because, well, if you don’t know why we should appreciate this combo you may have bigger issues to tackle than making a list of all you’re thankful for.

16.  Jog a Dog…because the phrase “6 a.m. run” doesn’t have the same ring that it used to.

17.  The Pants of Tomorrow…because falling in pants all too commonly results in post-fall shorts.

18.  Relaxation iPhone Apps…because cell phones traditionally induce more stress than they relieve.

19.  Electric Countertop Grills…because sometimes you just need to grill a hamburger. Indoors. In five minutes flat.

20.  Color-contrasting luggage…because it’s easier to find a red bag among a sea of black bags at the airport. And because it’s easier to find a black zipper among a sea of red material.

22.  AGNES…because seniors shouldn’t be the only ones who know what it’s like to squint and strain to read price tags at the supermarket.

23.  LED TVs…because George Clooney’s almost one of us, and we want to see every wrinkle on his face. In high-def.

24.  Being American…because we outperform British seniors in memory and cognitive function tests, according to the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

25. YOU! Our ElderGadget readers who are the inspiration and reason why we created this site to begin with. Your health, happiness and independence is important to us. And we couldn’t be more thankful for all the comments, questions and suggestions you’ve given us that shape our content and our future.

So keep up the good work, keep the comments coming and keep the pumpkin pie eating to a minimum, lest you plan to purchase a treadmillon Black Friday.

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  1. ElderGadget November 26, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    You forgot to include “Nelli Day” and “James Alexander”on the list! Happy Thanksgiving, Nellie and Chris! EJ

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