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Tips for Using Your Smartphone’s Camera Effectively

Gizmodo recently published their list of tips for taking better pictures with your cell phone’s camera feature – we thought they were extremely helpful reminders that a lot of modern smartphones can take beautiful photographs. Here’s our take on a few of their tips most relevant to seniors:

Find Your Light
A lot of people forget that basic photography rules apply to the point-and-click smartphone cameras as well, but this one makes a big difference. Don’t forget to have your subject face the light source – otherwise they’ll most likely appear in silhouette.

Don’t Use Digital Zoom
The “zoom” feature on camera phones is tempting, but the pictures always end up looking fuzzy and pixellated. Try to move closer to your subject rather than using the digital zoom feature.

Check your Resolution Settings
A lot of modern smartphones have easy-to-access and adjustable settings for their cameras. Sometimes the resolution is set low to default, but this can be easily changed. If you’re just looking to send a quick picture message this is not a major issue, however if you’re looking to take crisper photos you should make sure your resolution is set to the highest level.

Take a Moment to Let the Camera Load
When you set your smartphone’s camera on its source, give it a moment or two. Most smartphones have automatic focus and if you take the picture too quickly it won’t look as sharp.

Switch to Black & White
It’s easy to forget how pretty photos look in black and white, and smartphone photographs are no exception. Most newer smartphones have a black and white feature – give it a go and see what you think!

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