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Tips for Reducing Your Exposure to Radiation

A World Health Organization study recently revealed that cell phones may cause some cancers. What this means, exactly, is anybody’s guess. But if these recent findings have left you a little more paranoid about using your mobile friend, there are some ways you can reduce your level of exposure to radiation.

Below are a few tips, courtesy of the Environmental Working Group.

1. Use a Headset or Speaker Mode

Anytime you can take your cell phone away from your ear, you’re reducing your exposure to radiation. This is one reason why speaker mode is particularly useful. If you still need some privacy, however, there are also plenty of wired and wireless headsets that allow you to make and receive calls. Just remember to take the headset off when it’s not in use, as some models do continue to emit low levels of radiation.

2. Text More, Talk Less

Using the same logic as Tip #1, texting instead of talking means your cell phone will be a safer distance away from your brain. So think about texting if  you only have a brief message to convey.

3. Abstain from Phone Use with a Poor Signal

According to EWG, cell phones must emit more radiation to get their signals to the towers when they’re in poor coverage areas. Therefore, if your phone’s displaying few signal bars, it’s best to abstain from talking until your signal strength improves.

For more tips on how to cut your risk of radiation, read EWG’s Guide to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure.

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