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The Brits (Hilariously) Take on the Smartphone Industry

Comedian Ronnie Corbett has a complaint, "My blackberry isn't working!"

When it comes to BBC comedy, no one is safe. Just ask Blackberry, Apple and, yes, even Xbox. This latest popular parody is courtesy of the show “The One Ronnie,” a sketch comedy show starring the 80-year-old British comedian Ronnie Corbett.

In this skit, Corbett returns to a store to complain that his blackberry isn’t working. The main problem? It’s frozen. However, if you’re picturing a white Blackberry screen with that oh-so-annoying hourglass spinning round and round, you’re mistaken. Corbett’s actually there to return a real-life, frozen blackberry.

And while he’s at it, he’s got a problem with his apple as well. It seems his dongle (tech-speak for a device that attaches to a computer or smartphone, though we suspect Corbett has other ideas of what a dongle is) won’t fit in it.

What ensues is a nearly three-minute supermarket skit where real produce, such as blackberries and apples, parody their tech equivalents. Seniors will most surely get a kick out of seeing one of the great comics of their generation take on the tech world.

One note: the orange is a reference to the telecommunications company Orange, which provides Internet and smartphone service throughout the United Kingdom.

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