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The All New iPad Pro

Apple's new iPad Pro

Apple announced some great new products, including this: the much rumored iPad Pro. It has a massive, 12.9 – inch screen, more resolution than a 15″ MacBook Pro Retina display, an all new A9x processor with double the power of the iPad Air 2, and new accessories.

It is designed to even handle 4k video, and with a 5.6 million-pixel screen, it can show every detail. The new multi-touch screen is set up to also be multitasking-capable, having two apps side-by-side simultaneously. Great for Microsoft Office, editing photos, videos and more. Many new apps are available for it, from Microsoft Office to a version of Adobe’s imaging suite.

There are also two brand new accessories, a stylus (that sound you heard was Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave) called “Apple Pencil” with some amazing, pressure- and angle-sensitive abilities, and a keyboard stand/case with a new connector. It still has a long battery life, up to 10 hours. There are now four speakers, and they’re designed to take into account the orientation of the iPad Pro to provide the most accurate sound. It’s also the loudest of any iPad, making it more useful to listen to without headphones.

It will be available in November and starts at $799.



To see the video, click HERE. For the entire 2015 Apple Keynote Speech, click HERE.



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