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Tablets to Dominate at CES

Last year, 3D TVs ruled the roost at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is held every January in Las Vegas. This year, tablets are predicted to be the gadget of choice, with a dozen or so companies trying to catch up to Apple and its iPad.

Some of the biggest names garnering attention in the CES forums are Asus, Acer and Motorola, which will all utilize the Android Operating System. Asus is also said to be designing a 12-inch tablet that will run off the Windows 7 system.

HP will debut its newest tablet, called the PalmPad, which will run off the Palm webOS. Rumor has it that Microsoft may have a few tablet-based announcements in store as well, while there seems to be no official word on whether Blackberry’s tablet, the Playbook, will make an appearance. The Playbook has already been showcased, but it isn’t on the market yet.

These new tablets will be competing with the already released Samsung Galaxy Tab and, of course, the iPad, which will not be featured at CES.

We’ll bring you all the tablet action you can handle next week as ElderGadget travels to Las Vegas to cover CES live!

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