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Study: TV News Still Holds a Lead Over Internet News

Survey respondents said they like to get their weather report from local TV news

Most Americans still turn to television as their trusted news source, even over the Internet and social networking sites, said a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. This lead, however, is waning. The study says a full 74 percent of respondents turn on the television at least once a week to watch their local news.

Online news is gaining on it though, as 47 percent of respondents said they get their news from the Internet. Perhaps most surprisingly is the fact that 55 percent said they still obtained their news by word of mouth, while 50 percent said they read it in newspapers or hear it on the radio. Naturally, these respondents were asked to name all the media they use to obtain their news, as these percentages would amount to more than 200 percent.

The study even broke down the types of information respondents were most interested in based on its source. Apparently local TV news is used for breaking news and weather. The radio is favored for traffic reports, while people use the Internet to read about local services like restaurants. If they’re looking for information on crime, cultural events, and news that pertains to the government or taxes, the newspaper is the favored medium. Respondents said they turn to the TV and newspapers equally when looking to catch up on politics.

Pew also noted the older generations – those 40 and above – still cling to older media like newspapers and TV. What about you?


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