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Study: Social Networkers also Avid Online Shoppers

A new Nielsen study shows that the same people who frequently visit social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also do a lot of their shopping online. In fact, nearly 75 percent of adults who copped to using social networking sites also shop online, according to the study.

This shows that one’s comfort level and tech-savvy abilities can extend beyond an isolated online activity and into the general realm of computers and Internet usage. This is because social networkers were more than 12 percent more likely to shop online than non-Facebook and Twitter users.

So to all you seniors out there who think the Internet, social networking or even online shopping is too difficult to tackle, realize that you can build your skills and comfort level by picking one computer task and learning how to do it well. The lessons you pick up will inevitably transfer to other computer- or online-based activities until, before you know, you’ll have conquered the World Wide Web!


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