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Study: Cell Phones Cause Spike in Brain Activity

The National Institute of Health released its latest findings on the link (or non-link, depending on your point of view) between cell phones and the brain. Its research shows that when we do use cell phones the brain experiences an increase in activity in the area that is closest to the phone’s antenna.

This is one of the first studies to successfully document a jump in brain activity due to a cell phone’s radio frequency signal. What this means for humans, our brains and our long-term health has yet to be seen, however.

Researchers stress that their results simply show that frequencies do affect brain activity. The study could not say whether that activity provided a positive, negative or neutral impact.

Whatever the impact, this study is sure to reignite fodder on both sides of the argument. There are credible experts, studies and researchers who say that cell phones do affect the brain, and those who say there is no evidence to show cell phones cause any harm.

The NIH’s study tested 47 people who underwent two 50-minute scans while holding cell phones to their ears. During one scan the cell phone was turned off. During the other the cell phone received a call and was read a pre-recorded message, but the participants didn’t know this because the phone was muted. Researchers did this to prevent the phone’s sounds from affecting brain activity.

The scans showed participants experienced a 7 percent increase in brain activity in the region of the brain that was closest to the antenna.

Stay tuned for more info. on this long-lasting debate…

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