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Study: Americans Love Their Computing Gadgets

A new study conducted by software provider TeamViewer and Harris Interactive shows that Americans are indeed very plugged in when it comes to computing gadgets. About 63 percent of respondents said they use at least two computing devices, which include smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, on a weekly basis. Nearly 15 percent said they use four or more of these devices a week.

And that’s not all. About 83 percent of Americans believe it’s essential that they have access to their computing devices even when they’re away from their home base. Nearly three-quarters of respondents want access to their cyber information during vacation, while 48 percent access it in bed and 17 percent would feel more comfortable if that information were available on their honeymoons.

Yes, it seems there’s no escaping the digital age – about 11 percent of respondents also wanted access to their files while in church or on a date.

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