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Study: 40% of Smartphone, Tablet Owners Multitask While Watching TV

Maybe her favorite TV show is on a commercial break?

A Nielsen Co. survey notes that about 40 percent of people who own a smartphone or tablet use their devices daily while watching television. This is compared to only 14 percent of e-reader owners. Our guess is that it’s harder to read a book while watching TV than it is to surf the web, check email or engage in social networking.

About two-thirds of the survey’s respondents admitted emailing was the most common activity undertaken on their gadgets while watching the boob tube. Many also said they only reach for their devices during commercial breaks.

The study additionally reports tablet users are a little more engrossed in their gadgets during TV time than smartphone owners, and that about 44 percent of men have said their multitasking often involves checking sports.


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