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ElderGadget is an Amazon Affiliate, so you may shop our Amazon aStore to conveniently view additional information, compare prices and/or purchase products we have reviewed. Each entry tells you whether the product has any features which are easy to see, hear, use and/or understand. Clicking on any product in aStore takes you directly to the corresponding product page on the site where you will not only make your purchase(s) with confidence knowing you have the applicable Amazon features, price comparisons and guarantees, but you will be also be supporting ElderGadget and our senior friendly reviews in the process. Thanks you and happy shopping. All the best,

Additional information about our Amazon aStore: Many of our visitors come to ElderGadget to buy, ask where you can buy, ask for additional information about, and/or pricing for, the products we review. Accordingly, as a convenience to our loyal visitors, we decided to provide an easily accessible way to get the additional information desired and easily buy the products we review by creating an Amazon aStore** in which which you can easily do both. We have also included easy to see, hear, use and understand and cool factor ratings below each item in the store.

We believe to be a satisfying comparison and shopping experience chock full of additional information, user reviews, current pricing and price comparisons. Therefore, we have chosen the Amazon aStore framework to present you with the confidence and ability to compare, decide and buy with a minimum of additional effort. Also, by buying from our Amazon aStore, in addition to getting an easy and reliable shopping experience, through the modest commissions we receive, you are helping to support our efforts to present the senior friendly features of the products you use and enjoy. We do believe in comparison shopping, just like you, and encourage you to check competing prices online before you buy, if that makes you more comfortable.

Thank you for your support,