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Spotlight Review: Visikey Large Print Keyboard for PC & Mac

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The Visikey large print keyboard features 430% larger letters (than a standard keyboard) to make them easier to see. It works for PCs and Macs, and can help anyone who needs easier-to-see letters. It may not be as useful for touch typers, though finding the home keys is fast an easy. It’s inexpensive, at under $30, and there have been a few complaints about the build quality because of this. Some say the letters wear/fall off after a while of use, though others have no complaints.


For more information or to purchase a Visikey large print keyboard, visit


  • The VisiKey Enhanced Visibility Internet Keyboard Model 110-EVIK is the first keyboard of its kind.
  • Letters are 430% larger than the letters on a standard keyboard
  • Features media center and internet keysKeyboard is 104 key model + 15 hot keys-enabling one touch
  • PC & Macintosh compatible. Letters are 430% larger than the letters on a standard keyboard.
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