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Spotlight Review: Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100

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The Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 allows you to record and watch live TV on your HDTV as well as on your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. It requires a broadband internet connection and has multiple inputs for bringing in your DVR, cable, satellite receiver, DVD/Blu-ray player and more.

  • Watch and control your live and recorded TV on your laptop or desktop – supports Windows XP/Vista and Mac
  • Watch and control on your mobile phone – supports Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS-based mobile devices
  • Supports high-definition video in the home or over the Internet – requires at least 1.5 Mbps upload speed
  • Multiple inputs for connections to up to 3 devices, such as a DVR, cable set top box, satellite receiver or DVD player
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner and no monthly fees
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