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Spotlight Review: Sharp Galapagos Tablet

Sharp Galapagos Tablet

Senior Friendly Features: Large LCD Screen: [rating:5] Easy to Feel Controls: [rating:3] Easy to See Controls: [rating:4.0] Simplicity: [rating:3] Durable Design [rating:4]

Other Features: The Sharp Galapagos tablets are available in a small, 5.5″ size as well as an industry-leading 10.8-inch size. Currently it is running Linux and some proprietary Sharp software, but it may have Android by the time it reaches US sales outlets. The tablets, new Sharp smartphone under the Galapagos name, and some Sharp televisions will have the technology to “flick” content between devices. If you’re watching a movie on your tablet and walk in your front door, you’ll be able to literally flick the image on the screen to the television and continue watching.

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