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Spotlight Review: Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger

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If you’re like me, you own a lot of devices that run on batteries. And you probably need a car charger for your phone. The one I originally had with my Motorola Droid stopped working, and I wanted the best one I could find. I found this one, the Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger. The advantage here is that it can output up to 950 mAH of charge. More than enough to rapidly but safely charge any phone that uses a Micro USB connector for charging, even if you’re using your GPS and/or on the phone. Your phone will regulate how much of the 950 mAH it uses, there’s plenty of power available. The only complaint is that the Motorola logo is lit up in bright blue, which can be a little distracting at night. A little electrical tape over it will tame that.

The best part is that it only costs a little over 5 bucks.

For more information or to purchase a Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger, visit

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