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Spotlight Review: Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder

Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder for Boomers

Looxsie’s LX1 camcorder is a Bluetooth headset that has a pretty serious-looking video camera attached and facing forward. It will shoot up to an hour of standard definition video to its internal memory, then it can be downloaded to your Mac or PC to archive or to your smartphone for uploads to Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Being mounted on the side of your head, looking forward, it sees and records everything you see and hear. If your kids or grandkids make an amazing play, it can automatically (with the touch of one button) send the last 30 seconds of video to your Android phone or iPhone to your favorite social media site. The entire family and all your friends can see the action seconds after it happens, even if they’re on a different continent.

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