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Spotlight Review: Logitech Harmony 200 Remote for Three Devices

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Logitech’s Harmony 200 Remote can control up to three devices. It works with over five thousand brands and nearly a quarter of a million devices, and more are added every day. It can also learn commands from your existing remote.

It has a lot of buttons, but they are clustered together in groups that make sense, and the buttons are large and easy to read. There’s also a “Watch TV” button in the upper left corner that can turn on your TV and cable box by just pressing that button. It has all the controls you need for your DVR, stereo, television and more.

It can cut the clutter in your living room by cutting out at three remotes, inexpensively. It’s a perfect replacement for a lost or broken remote.

  • Works with 5000+ brands: Supports 225,000+ devices-more than any other brand of universal remotes
  • Easy online setup: Simply connect the remote to your computer and download commands for your devices
  • Watch TV” button: Turns on your TV and cable/satellite box with just one button press
  • Large buttons: It’s easy to control TV shows and movies by touch, even in the dark
  • Replaces three remotes: Controls three devices, eliminating the clutter and hassle of using multiple remotes
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