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Spotlight Review: LG INFINIA 50PK750 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

LG INFINIA 50PK750 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV review for seniors, elders, boomers

Senior Friendly Features: Picture Quality [rating:3.5] Burn In [rating:5] Size [rating:4.5] Viewing Angle [rating:4] Fast Motion Blur [rating:4] Light Reflection [rating:3.5] Black Levels [rating:3.5] Altitude [rating:5] Lifespan [rating:4] Power Usage [rating:4] Price [rating:4.5]

Other Features: The LG INFINIA 50PK750 has a 240Hz refresh rate, is THX Certified, and offers internet connectivity to download and play videos and slide shows on demand from VuDu, Netflix, YouTube, Picasa, Netcast, and more. This is one of the least expensive plasma sets in its class, and though the blacks aren’t as deep as some of the pricier sets, seniors will love the crisp clarity of the LG’s plasma picture. An intelligent sensor adjusts the picture to changing indoor lighting conditions, great for rooms that have a lot of sunlight or when watching shows around dawn or dusk. Clear Voice enhances and optimizes sounds in the human voice range to make dialog very clear and easy to hear and understand.

A pair of USB ports allow external hard drives to be connected to allow for storage and playback of video, MP3s, and more. The stereo speakers are rated at 20 watts and offer Dolby Digital Decoding. Four HDMI inputs allow for connection to all your home theatre components.

  • THX Certified Display
  • NetCast Entertainment Access (Wi-Fi Ready)
  • Wireless 1080p Ready
  • 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving

For more information or to purchase a Samsung PN50C80005, visit

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