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Spotlight Review: LG 50PW350 50 Inch 3D 600Hz Plasma HDTV Bundle

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This has to be one of the best deals on the market for this size of television. The LG 50PW350 50 Inch 3D 600Hz Plasma HDTV with two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses for only $749. Yes, $749. It has 600Hz sub-field, so there’s virtually zero motion blur or artifacts.

The only two things against this are that it is only 720p (though viewers report not noticing the difference) and has no headphone jack, the only audio output is digital. It still offers a solid 3D picture (and 2D looks good, as well) from a good brand.

  • This bundle includes the following product:
  • 1 X LG 50PW350 50 Inch 3D 600Hz Plasma HDTV – 49.9 Inch Diag.
  • 2 x LG AGS250 3D Active Shutter Glasses)
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