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Spotlight Review: Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device

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8 oz - 8.9 oz
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Amazon’s Kindle 3 is simply the best ereader out there. We did a comparison between the major ereader players HERE, including the Barnes and Noble Nook and even the iPad, and the Kindle comes out on top.

The newest Kindle offers everything the previous models did, including e-ink for maximum readability and clarity, massively long battery life (up to a month if you keep the wireless off most of the time), light weight and it’s very easy to use to read books, listen to music (and audiobooks), read blogs and even read newspapers from around the world. Amazon has made the size of the Kindle smaller while retaining the same 7-inch screen. It also improved its e-ink Pearl technology to make it up to 50% clearer and easier to read. It can also read to you, albeit in a robotic voice with little inflection, great for when you’re also doing something else or if your eyesight is an issue. There are many selectable font sizes that make it readable for most seniors.

The Kindle 3 is available in a 3G (Free global 3G plus Wi-Fi) model for $189, a Wi-Fi-only version for $139, one with advertising and special offers built-in (Wi-Fi-only) for $114 or the Kindle DX, with a huge 9.7″ LCD and free global 3G and Wi-Fi for $379.

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