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Spotlight Review: iSenior365 Vehicle Tracking Device

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iSenior365 is a vehicle tracking device that tracks where your parents go in their car. If they get lost, go too far, etc., this device can let you see where they are and what is going on via a secure website. You can even set up a geofence on the site and automatically be alerted if they go outside (or inside) of a particular area.

The company also makes iTeen365, which they claim will help monitor and teach teens good driving habits, iFleet365 for tracking all vehicles in a company fleet, and iSpouse365 for keeping tabs on your spouse. Perhaps a little Big Brother-esque, especially on the latter.

The device is professionally installed, for $65, on the steering column. There’s a two-year, $29.95 per month contract, and the device itself is free.

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One Response to Spotlight Review: iSenior365 Vehicle Tracking Device

  1. Malcolm Graham January 30, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    I’m really interested to hear people’s opinions about whether or not it’s appropriate to install this device without the consent of the elder? Regardless of vehicle ownership or legality does the benefit of knowing your loved one is safe outweigh their right to privacy?

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