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Spotlight Review: Harman Kardon SB16 Soundbar and Wireless 100 Watt Subwoofer

Harman Kardon SB16 Soundbar and Wireless 100 Watt Subwoofer

Senior Friendly Features: Ease of use [rating:5], Easy to see [rating:5], Easy to understand [rating:4.0], Easy to hear [rating:5.0]

Other perks: Not everyone wants a full 6- or 8-speaker home theater set, some of us don’t have the room for it. Harmon Kardon takes this to heart and sets up a simple setup for a more full sound experience with only two speakers. The front soundbar plugs into your television and offers stereo sound that projects out to fill your room with all the mid- and high-range sound, and the subwoofer is wireless. You plug it into an outlet, even in a hidden corner, and you don’t even have to run wires to it.

  • Soundbar Includes two-way, dual-driver left and right soundbar speaker modules, each with two 3″ (75mm) midrange drivers and a 3/4″ (19mm)-dome tweeter, video-shielded
  • Wireless, 100-watt, powered subwoofer with a 10″ (250mm) driver in a ported enclosure
  • Soundbar amplifier power: 25W x 2 into 8 ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz, at <0.07% THD, with both channels driven simultaneously
  • 3-D Virtual Speaker surround mode that creates a complete surround-sound experience without any extra speakers or wires
  • Programmable soundbar that can obey your TV remote?s volume, power and source commands, enabling a single remote to control your whole home theatre system

For more information or to purchase a Harmon Kardon SB16, visit

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