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Spotlight Review: Garmin EcoRoute HD Cable For Garmin Nuvi Line

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Senior Friendly Features

Cool Factor

Senior Friendly Features

Navigation Functions :

Electronic compass

Navigation Functions :


Navigation Functions :

Speed alerts

Navigation Functions :

Speed Assistant

Navigation Functions :

Speed limit indicator

Quick Specs

Recommended Use: 
Navigation Functions: 
Speed limit indicator
Maps Included: 
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Senior Friendly Features: Ease of use [rating:4.5], Easy to Understand [rating:3.5], Easy to install [rating:4.5]

Other perks: This cable may not look exciting, but what it can actually do is very useful. It plugs into your car’s diagnostic port on one end and into any of the Garmin Nuvi GPS receivers and gives you information that allows you to improve your driving and make it more green (i.e. fuel efficient). It can also tell you what the code is when your check engine light comes on. Available at Amazon.

Price Range: Medium

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