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Spotlight Review: Cambridge Q2 Internet Radio

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Every once in a while, someone creates a product with a revolutionary, but very simple and easy (and fun) to use interface. The new Cambridge Q2 internet radio is just that sort of thing. There’s no display, no buttons. What?!? It streams internet radio, your favorite 4 stations. You turn it off by laying it on its back. Turn it on by turning it on to one of its four sides. Whichever one is up is what plays. Tilt it forward to make it louder, back to make it softer. Brilliant, and intuitive.

You do have to use a computer to set it up and program the four stations, and connect to your home Wi-Fi, but other than that, it’s the easiest thing to use that you can imagine. The sound is very clear, and it comes in basic black or a ton of crazy fun colors.


For more information or to purchase a Q2 Internet Radio, visit

  • Wi-Fi Driven Internet Radio
  • Unique Motion-Controlled Radio-No Buttons Or Displays
  • Immediate Access To 4 Pre-Set Radio Stations
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