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Spotlight Review: Apple Digital AV Adapter for iPad 2

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If you have an iPad 2, you probably also have an HDTV. You’ll probably also want one of these – it’s an adapter that plugs into the dock port on the bottom of your iPad 2 and allows you to hook up an HDMI cable and a dock power cord at the same time. An HDMI cable can then plug into your HDTV or home theater receiver and allow you to mirror your iPad 2 on the screen in its full definition glory. It looks fantastic, really crisp and easy to see. Also, you can watch a movie from your iPad 2 on the screen and at the same time do something else on your iPad 2, like surf the web, email, comment on facebook or twitter, etc.

For more information or to purchase an Apple Digital AV Adapter for iPad 2, visit your local Apple retail store or go to

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