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SoundPal F2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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If you like listening to music with your phone or tablet, but don’t always want to have headphones on, a good bluetooth speaker can fill the room or area you’re in with your favorite music, streaming news, audiobooks, etc. They’re great for family gatherings, because they’re loud enough to let your family and friends hear the music, but not loud enough to annoy your neighbors. Gone are the days of taking boom boxes on picnics or to the beach. Bluetooth speakers are available in a lot of sizes and colors. The SoundPal F2 is easy to carry, taking up only a little room in your beach bag, measuring in at 6x2x2 inches. The battery lasts 8-12 hours, and it has a microphone so you can even use it for hands-free calling. Perfect if you’re using it in the kitchen and your hands are covered with food.

Amazon has it for $25. 

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