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Sony Announces New Turntable At CES 2016


No, you aren’t reading a headline from the 1970s. This is 2016, the year of old-becomes new. Retro cool.

Sony is one of the companies at CES to debut a new vinyl record player. It’s beautiful, features a very clean, minimalist design, and offers USB output to record your vinyl to your computer, or it has both phono and line output to connect it to your stereo receiver without needing a preamp. It runs at 33-1/3 or 45 RPM (sorry for those of you with 78 rpm records), is belt driven and features a newly-designed tonearm for accurate tracking.

The cabinet is made of 1.18-inch thick MDF (a material chosen for its sonic characteristics), it has rubber dampers on the feet to eliminate vibrations from other components, etc, and a glass epoxy circuit board for better sound quality and stability. A .20-inch rubber mat holds your record, while a high-inertia die cast aluminum platter spins it.

It’s available soon, and there is speculation that it might run $600, much less than the recently announced DJ retro-classic Technics SL1200 limited edition anniversary issue that will cost in the thousands. Sony’s HX500 looks beautiful.


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