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Skype Releases Updated App for iPhone

Skype has unveiled its new iPhone app, Skype 3.0, just in time for the New Year. Now iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the latest version of the iPod Touch can all place video calls.

Skype 3.0 doesn’t stop there. Video calls can now be made over Wi-Fi and the 3G network, which increases the reliability of the app. The features that made Skype popular in the first place are also available – video chat with other Skype users, instant messaging and text messaging. Phone calls to land lines can still be placed for low rates as well.

The advancement of video calls and apps such as Skype 3.0 give seniors another opportunity to keep in touch with family and make a visual connection that is missing from many forms of communication. This visual connection will be important for seniors who live far away from their families or who no longer drive.


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