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Should Seniors Invest in Microsoft Office 2010?

You may or may not know that the 2010 version Microsoft Office, the most trusted name in word processing software, has been available for retail purchase for about a month.

This version comes with all of the Microsoft Office staples — Word, Powerpoint, Excel — as well as new additions like the Social Connector, which allows users to write emails while staying in contact by viewing by their respective online status updates. Additionally, users can request “friends” through Social Connector.

Industry experts say that sales have been quite disappointing, especially in comparison to the Office 2007 sales trends. In the age of free online software like Google Docs and Zoho, this isn’t necessarily surprising. A lot of us can satisfy our basic word procession needs without shelling out hundreds of dollars. (Pending on the version, Office can cost anywhere from $149.99 to $499.99.)

Money aside, the question begs to be asked, are seniors loosing anything when they switch from Office to a free online processor like Google Docs? To a certain, this is indeed the case. Speech to text, which helps transfer your spoken words to a document works quite well with Office interface but is clunky, if even existent, free alternative options. Seniors with slow eye-hand coordination should find speech to text interface particularly noteworthy, as it allows some of use to record our words at a quick, efficient pace. Additionally, Word’s spellcheck is still top notch, by far

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