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Shop Online, Donate to Charity

‘Tis the season for giving, as we’re sure you’re aware. And while massive donations to charity are always encouraged, they’re not always feasible. But what if you could put the money you’re currently spending on holiday gifts to good use while still loading your stockings full of presents?

The concept is called GoodShop, and it’s an easy, seamless way to donate to the charity of your choice as you about your online shopping. Simply visit, complete the free registration and select your favorite charity.

From there you can access the online stores of more than 2,500 retailers. Once you choose your store, a portal will direct you to that retailer’s official website, and a percentage of any purchase you make will be donated to the cause of your choice.

GoodShop is kind of like all the rewards and incentive programs that offer free airline miles or credit card points if you begin your online shopping experience through that company’s “marketplace.” However, instead of accruing points for yourself, you’ll be racking up donations for a good cause this holiday season. And since these purchases are completed through the official retailers’ websites, the prices are not affected by the charitable donation and you can still take advantage of that store’s wonderful bargains.

Why not get started today?


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