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Seniors Learn to Use, Appreciate iPad at One Retirement Facility

Steve Jobs, who is 56, shows off the iPad

The residents of Balfour Senior Living in Louisville, Colorado, engage in many of the same activities as other seniors who live in retirement communities. The only difference is that Balfour residents can perform these activities on the iPad.

It all started one day when the president and founder of Balfour was walking through an Apple Store on the first day iPads went on sale. It suddenly clicked, he told Colorado 9 News, that this device could present limitless possibilities for the elderly.

So he purchased five iPads and set up a twice weekly iPad tutorial session that seniors could attend. Though not all residents took to the devices – or the advancements in technology – right away, many were converted into believers. Those who attended the tutorials began to see the tablets as great substitutes for things like newspapers, hardback books, recipe cards, hand-written notes, shoebox photographs and even pianos.

The iPads have been particularly popular among the news, word search and crossword puzzle enthusiasts, according to Colorado 9 News. Seniors have also learned how to store recipes, download books, email their children and play the touchscreen piano on the iPad.

One resident even used the iPad to see what her hometown in Germany, and her elementary school, looked like today. The facility’s founder and president said the iPads have been so well received that he intends to purchase more units in the near future. Ideally he’d like to implement a check-out system that would allow seniors to take the iPads to their rooms.

Click below to see what a real iPad tutorial session at Balfour Senior Living looks like.

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