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Senior Friendly Guide to Eyeglasses

One of the unfortunate effects of aging for many of us is diminished eyesight. That is, if our eyes didnt require glasses or contacts before old age. According to the Vision Council of America, 64 percent of Americans wear eyeglasses, while 19 percent use contact lenses. Despite their popularity, however, all eyeglasses arent created equal, which is why were breaking them down feature by feature so you can determine your perfect senior-friendly pair.What Seniors Should Look for in a Pair of EyeglassesDurable, Lightweight Titanium FramesTitanium is one of the lightest, yet strongest materials on the market. Therefore, it only makes sense to choose frames made of this material if youre heavy handed, a bit forgetful or clumsy, or if you dont like the feeling of glasses hooked to your face.Titanium frames usually cost more than plastic or stainless steel, but they should also last longer if youre prone to misplacing the glasses, only to find that youve been sitting on them for a half hour. Theyre also 48 percent lighter than frames made from other materials, which means theyre less likely to leave indentations or rub marks on your nose. Titanium frames should weigh less than one ounce.Rimless Flexible Titanium eyeglass frames MT919These glasses are not only lightweight, but also hardly noticeable. The temples, or legs, are very thin, allowing the glasses to blend into your hair. The nose pads shouldnt be a problem either, since the frame”s miniscule weight shouldnt put any pressure on the bridge of your nose.Secure Cabled Temple TipsTemple tips are the rounded ends of the frames legs, or temples. Most glasses have skull temples, which lower the tips of the temples to a 45-degree angle. These allow the glasses to slide on and off easily – a plus if you find that glasses are difficult for you to put on – but a negative if your glasses tend to fall off during the day when youre moving around.If youre an active senior who engages in a lot of bending and kneeling, then skull temples are best for you. Theyre also a good choice if you often forget youre wearing glasses, because we all alter our motions slightly if we know we have something on our faces. Simply hook the temple tips behind your ears and you”re ready to go. This shouldnt be too difficult for most seniors, though it could take a little practice. Theyre easiest to affix if you hold the glasses horizontally, or parallel to the back of your head, and lower them down slowly almost like your temple tips are hooks and your ears are fish.Savile Row English Warwick EyeglassesThese glasses wrap around your head and will stay secure while you play with your grandkids or pick up around the house. Plus, its okay if you forget theyre on your head; theyre not going anywhere.Adjustable Nose PadsRegardless of whether your frames weigh less than an ounce or not, you want the parts that directly interact with your face to mold to you for optimum comfort. Temple tips, which rest on the ears, can do this thanks to their rubber covers. Nose pads can do this as well if their arms are malleable. Theres an easy way to test this: push on the nose pads and see if they conform to the pressure. Most high-end frames come with adjustable nose pads but many economical models dont, so be sure to use the finger test. Adjustable nose pads also help the glasses stay in place, reducing their likelihood of sliding down your nose.Cross Woolf Collection Rimless Reading GlassesThese nose pads are curved and adjustable, making them comfortable and stable for noses of all shapes and sizes.Scratch-Resistant CoatingTheres no such thing as a scratch-free lens, but a scratch-resistant coating can greatly decrease the surface injuries lenses sustain from being dropped, improperly stored or cleaned with abrasive materials like paper towels. To obtain the most scratch-resistant  lenses possible, purchase glass lenses and have your optician apply a hard scratch-resistant coating to the front and back of the lenses.Cross Faulkner Collection Full Frame Reading GlassesThese lenses are dipped in a scratch-resistant coating to ensure that theyll last until your next eye exam.Photochromic LensesPhotochromic lenses transition from indoors to outdoors while providing UV protection. If you dont like fiddling with your regular eyeglasses and sunglasses, then transition lenses can help. Youll never forget that youre wearing your regular glasses in intense sun, and youll never risk dropping the glasses while youre transferring one pair into your purse and another pair onto your face. Photochromic lenses will also reduce the glare you experience while driving, which can not only reduce headaches and eyestrain, but car accidents as well.Nike Curfew PH SunglassesThese aviator-style glasses blend the stylish design of sunglasses with the practicality of eye glasses, resulting in a multi-functioning, stylish pair that can be worn anytime.’, ‘Senior Friendly Guide to Eyeglasses

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