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Senior Friendly Guide to Cars

Elder Friendly Features of Cars:

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Anyone with a passing interest in the relationship between the aging body, biomechanics, ergonomics, efficiency, safety, and technology will likely find the way in which seniors interact and associate with motor vehicles fascinating. The car isn’t just another everyday gadget that we buy simply to enhance our quality of life like a coffee maker or a blow dryer; motor vehicles, which are potentially dangerous machines, provide a necessary service – transportation.

Yet driving is a privilege, not a right; to maximize safety (and to a lesser extent comfort) it is to crucial to find a car with the right features and design. This point is non-negotiable, particularly for senior drivers. Older adults are statistically at a disadvantage in terms of eye-hand coordination, auditory acuity, cognitive processing, and spatial recognition — all important factors for driving.

This doesn’t mean that seniors can’t drive or shouldn’t drive; it’s just that aging adults need to be aware of their unique biomechanic deficiencies. If your eye-sight competency is failing or if you could barely hear noises, then you should not be behind the wheel to begin with. However, if your age-related complications are a bit more nuanced, then you just need to take certain precautions. To become a safer, more responsible driver, seniors can compensate for their inadequacies by looking for vehicles with specific elder friendly features.

What Seniors Should Look for in a Car

In Terms of Safety:

Collision Prevention System

Collision prevention systems are quite rare but that shouldn’t take away from their utility or appeal. Collision prevention systems employ a radar that tracks the distance and speed of the cars in the general vicinity, ensuring that you stay a safe distance from your neighbors on the road. Lets say the car in front of you has to suddenly break, a collision prevention system will make sure you were far enough from the other car to begin with, helping to preclude an auto-accident. This is a particularly valuable feature for seniors with slow eye-hand coordination and delayed reaction times because it helps to maximize safety precautions.

Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is equipped with a top of the line collision prevention system; the radar renews its calculations 50-times-per-second in order to accurately register the constantly changing conditions on the road.

Adjustable Pedals

As we explained earlier, aging adult begin to loose inches from their height after the age of 40. Consequently, seniors on average are shorter than the rest of the adult population. Shorter drivers need to be aware of how to compensate for their height (or lack there). They should look for cars with adjustable pedals, which allow one to alter the distance of pedals from the floor and bring them closer to the feet. Being too far from the pedals is a grave cause for concern, as it slows down the time it takes to press down on a pedal.

Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

The adjustable pedals on the Grand Caravan can be moved back and forth with the push of a button. These adjustable pedals can be arranged in the proper position electronically, so you don’t have to deal with manual fiddling, making the whole adjusting process that much easier.

Automatic Transmission
It’s common to take automatic transmissions for granted, as most of us

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