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Senior Friendly Digital Camera Update: Kodak Easy Share (Part 1: 1- 10)

Kodak Easy Share Model M1093IS

In response to the interest in the eldergadget Features of the Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera we wrote about in Top Five Digital Cameras for the Elderly, we decided to review Kodak Easy Share cameras with one or more of these senior-friendly features:

– 7 or more Megapixel;

– An LCD screen that is larger than 2.5 inches.

– An optical zoom lens with at least a 3x zoom (meaning that the subject appears three times closer to you).

– Simple to use.

– An ergonomic design, which entails easy to press buttons, large buttons, a grip for your hand to grasp and an easy-to-use scroll wheel.

– Basic features like digital image stabilization and fast shutter speed, which prevents your photos from coming out blurry.

– A competitive price.


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