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Samsung Galaxy S II Incorporates New Zoom Feature

Hand most smartphone users a touchscreen, and they will instantly know to flick or pinch the screen when zooming out or in. While this activity has become second nature to many, it isn’t without its fair share of hassle.

We’ve flicked and pinched many a times as the screen just sat there and stared at us. Maybe our coordination was bad. Maybe one finger touched just a tad quicker than the other, thereby instigating a different command. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, Samsung has determined that there has to be an easier way to control the depth of a smartphone’s content. That’s why it installed a gyroscope and accelerometer on its new Galaxy S II. These two devices allow users to zoom in and out by moving the phone closer or farther away from their bodies.

This can be a great feature for seniors, particularly for those who have a hard time coordinating their pinch and flick efforts. Moving the phone closer and farther is also a natural habit that people do when they need to get a better look at something, so the action won’t be hard to remember.

The Galaxy S II also comes with a large 4.3-inch screen and a dual-core processor.

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